"Trip" Framed Canvas Print - Signed & Numbered - 16"x20"

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"Trip" Framed Canvas Print - Signed and Numbered - 16"x20"

By Red Truck Productions, Inc.
Officially licensed craft vendor for Butler University #20935

  • Celebrate your love of Butler University and its beloved live mascot with this limited edition, framed, canvas print of Butler Blue III, "Trip".  With his retirement in 2020, Trip leaves behind a great legacy of service to Butler University.  The print features Trip's official portrait as painted by wildlife artist, Anthony J. Padgett.  It shows Trip proudly descending the steps in front of Butler University's iconic Carillon.  The opposite side features a biographical sketch of Trip highlighting his accomplishments during his 8 years of service.   The prints are officially licensed and are a Signed and Numbered edition of 2020 to honor his year of retirement.



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